Custom Workshops

Milestone Digital Media Consulting provides specialized workshops for communications and training professionals. Evaluations from recent workshop participants revealed high praise; as one client noted: “The workshops on managing video projects and scriptwriting were great tools for introducing this new popular medium to our team of communications professionals. The training provides essential basics to help us create great content that the public will consume and share with their friends and peers.”

Writing for Video and New Media

More and more organizations are producing video and interactive new media components in their overall communications strategy. But writing for these platforms requires an approach that is quite different from traditional, text-based media. Milestone Digital Media Consultants is pleased to offer an interactive, hands-on workshop for communications professionals who are new to writing for video and new media. Our instructors work with you and your team to customize the workshop to suit your environment and needs, and follow the workshop up with ongoing coaching as required. To arrange a workshop for your organization, please contact:

Project Management

How do you get the most out of your resources, team and budgets? Effective, efficient project management practices are the underlying success factor in the high speed environments of today’s projects. Milestone Digital Media Consultants offers intensive project management workshops customized to your organization’s needs and objectives, and focused on specific project types: Project Management for eLearning, and Project Management for Video and New Media. Previous clients highly recommended our workshops, and praise them for their insight into the unique nature of these specialized areas. To arrange a workshop for your organization, please contact: