PSA Airplay Reports

For years, organizations have been using Public Service Announcements (PSA) to help deliver their message to Canadian television audiences. However, it has been difficult to measure the success of an organization’s PSA campaign without an accurate report of its television airplay, and an assessment of the dollar value and audience reach of that airplay. Faced with this challenge, Milestone Digital Media Consultants (MDMC) developed a proprietary software program that extracts PSA airplay data from each television station’s monthly program logs. It then liaises with television stations to calculate dollar value and audience reach.

PSA Airplay Reports

MDMC establishes a search criterion based on the sponsoring organization’s PSA campaign and parses each television station’s program log for PSA airplay data matching that PSA campaign. The resulting data is then screened and verified to ensure it accurately reflects the sponsoring organization’s PSA campaign.

The PSA airplay data is then sorted and categorized to create a comprehensive PSA Airplay Report that summarizes the airplay received on conventional television broadcasters and specialty stations by:

  • Monthly and Time of Day Breakdown;
  • Campaign Spot Title Breakdown;
  • Provincial Breakdown (conventional broadcasters);
  • Top 30 Market Breakdown (conventional broadcasters);
  • Network Affiliation Breakdown (conventional broadcasters);
  • Conventional Broadcaster Breakdown (with individual Spot Titles); and
  • Specialty Station Breakdown (with individual Spot Titles).

PSA Campaign Analysis

MDMC’s PSA Campaign Analysis determines the dollar value and audience numbers based on each television station’s ad rates and BBM ratings sourced from the station’s representatives.

The ad rates used in our analysis are based on Run-of-Schedule (ROS) and Average Cost per Commercial rates supplied by each television station. These rates are more appropriate in calculating PSA value because they represent the discretionary nature of PSA airplay provided by television stations.

The majority of networks, specialty, and digital stations are members of the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement (BBM) and their audience data is based on the surveyed data. BBM has established a minimum audience threshold and those networks or stations that fall below this threshold are unable to report an audience.

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